Milan is one of the few firms in a position to offer any kind of printing: Flexographic (up to 8 colours), Rotogravure (up to 8 colours) or Screen printing. These machines are designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

High-speed lamination unit / laser-sensing cutting / sealing machines / slitting machine, with very high-output, enables conversion of rolls to bags / covers in record time. Stringent norms are met prior to despatch of goods to the customer.

Totally Degradable Vanishing Plastics

Milan Packaging is now in a position to offer you OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastic. The best form of degradable plastic is OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastic. The OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastic harmlessly fragments and biodegrade in a predetermined time to nothing more than water, with tiny amount of humus carbon dioxide. The length and time for oxo-biodegradable plastics can be programmed at the time of manufacture and can degrade in few months to few years.

The process of degradation of oxo-biodegradable plastics starts immediately after manufacture and will accelerate when exposed to heat, light or stress. This process continues even if the plastic is buried.

Even if OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastics were eaten by cow, deer, turtle or other animal whilst still intact, the temperature and bacteria present in the gut would further accelerate the degradation process, unlike conventional bags causing a blockage, which could kill the animal. Ingested OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastic would not adversely affect the milk or meat.

OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastics are entirely compatible with the principal of recycling and will not cause problem in recycling.

The technical know how is from a European based company, a leading company in the world engaged in manufacturing the best quality of OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastics. The company has pioneered in the research and development of OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastics. Its technology is much more superior over the technologies available in other parts of the world.

By using OXO-BIODEGRADABLE plastics, lesser paper is used whereby, lesser trees are cut ensuring a GREENER EARTH.

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